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about younuo

Younuo purification is committed to promoting the development and innovation of clean engineering. It is a leading high-tech enterprise in the Yangtze River Delta, specializing in clean room design, consultation and construction management. The company has an independent design institute and laboratory system center, covering mobile communication, precision instruments, semiconductors, optical displays, new energy, bioengineering, medicine and health, hospitals, blood products, fine chemicals, food and beverage, automobile manufacturing, aerospace and many other fields. Provide professional planning, consultation, design, construction, construction, system commissioning, parameter detection, secondary piping and wiring, facility operation management, maintenance and other comprehensive professional services.

The company has the qualifications of general contracting of construction engineering, specialized contracting of decoration engineering, specialized contracting of mechanical and electrical installation engineering, specialized contracting of fire-fighting facilities engineering, specialized contracting of electronic and intelligent engineering, specialized contracting of environmental protection engineering, etc., and has passed ISO9001 international quality system certification, isoi4001 international environmental system certification and ohsasi8001 occupational health and safety management system Department certification.

The company has a professional and high-quality senior team, which has strict operation procedures and specifications from planning, design, material procurement to manufacturing and installation processes, constantly improves the technology and management level, effectively guarantees the project progress and quality, and constantly pursues excellence in order to establish the company's brand image.

Over the years, uno purification adheres to the practical design idea of function and the construction idea of humanistic care, increases the research investment, continues to innovate around the needs of customers, and strives to become a dazzling new star in the field of modern clean installation.

As always, we will accurately understand the industry trends in specific fields, respond to customers' needs in an instant, and lead the development of clean industry. We agree with the breakthrough brought by open communication thinking, encourage the inspiration sparks from collision thinking, release innovative interactive thinking, grow together with China's purification industry, and integrate with international high-end standards.

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